18 Ocak 2008 Cuma

Colorful Texts

Thanks to this feature it is possible for you to colour your texts easilly. Do you try to mentions something important or Do you simply want to be different? Colorful texts is for you. Just pick up a text and pick up a color. It so easy and so great.

Sounds! Sounds! Sounds!

This feature is awesome! It will help you to send many sounds. Besides, you will be able to transfer and share them and you are going to record sounds whenever you want. Moreover you will be able to add MP3 and audio files which you record via Mic. There will be lots of soundpacks in sound database, too. Find, Download, Play and Enjoy!

Tabbed Conversations

Bored by lots of WLM windows? Get lost among them? This feature will save you. Thanks to this feature you are going to have a single window and many conversations. It will be great for those who love and do not love tabs.

Auto Log and Log Search

This feature is great. It logs your conversations automatically. You won't get lost among log files and you can find your conversations by seaching them. You can cancel/close this feature whenever you want.

Customize Your WLM's Skin

Skins are downloadable parts which are designed for changing the interface of your WLM. It is very easy to download and install a skin. You can download lots of them for free. You can create a skin, too. If you want to change your skin and to return to original interface, you can do it easilly.

Here is a sample skin:

download link to reach skin database.

Messenger Plus! Live

Messenger Plus! Live is a free add-on which is desinged to customize WLM in many aspects. It has lots of features and many more extras for better messenger usage. Thank to Messenger Plus! live your messenger experience will change "totally".